Failing at death, failing at poetry, the wisdom that comes from failure vs. the recognition that comes from ascendancy
When the core is the same but the emotional context is ... not.
A "not-so-book-review" book review of Emily St. John Mandel's Sea of Tranquility and Olga Tokarczuk's The Books of Jacob
It is The Chariot’s individual choice in alignment with something greater than the self, something that seems “out there”—land, stars, superego, the…
On reading and an older definition of "gossip"
On magical logic and choice within (beyond?) capitalism
On the Eight of Cups and the books I call "my mothers."
But what has motherhood taught me except that love and debt, life and death, live in the same room, the same skin, the same breath? I knew this before…
talking about motherhood, true things, and the line between self-compassion and self-critique
A belated March tarot reading but also not really. 
writing on The Ten of Cups, The Hermit, self-trust, post-work futures, and "facing the answers"
On a good internet platform (while it briefly lasts), the golden apple of envy, and lurking to transgress/connect